Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye my angel barrista

Carly Simon sang about clouds in her coffee as an obscure metaphor for all that is confusing about life and love.
Well, this morning, there were no metaphoric clouds in my coffee, instead some nasty grey ones
swirling around the small coffeeangel mobile unit on a damp Sir John Rogerson's Quay.
It is a sad, grey day for all the regulars as today is Sam’s last day.
Sam, our chatty barrista, who ensured that the coffee van vibrated on the quayside like an apr├Ęs-ski bar, provided a warm and welcoming haven serving some much-needed excellent coffee and a blast in the ear from Lady Gaga.

Coffee Angel serve the best coffee in Dublin and everything about them, including the beautifully designed cups and functional compact mobile units, appeals to the coffee-appreciating designer in me. At €2.10 for a regular cappucino, it is money well spent.
They will continue to serve me excellent coffee from their little retro van but I will miss my morning chat with Sam!

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