Tuesday, March 16, 2010

post-work, boys tea, pre-dinner snack and the beast

So home from work at 4.45pm.....6pm the children have had their tea of penne with ragu (made just before midnight last night)...both enjoying it enormously due to several hours swimming around clontarf with jojo telling me that when he jumped into the pool, he went under water and touched the bottom before coming back up...he is not yet four years old...but thankfully is in very safe hands on a daily basis.
6.30pm, 'the hairy one' arrives home wanting to know if there is a snack....
Wheeler&Co quickly rustles up Dittys Oatcakes with Monte Enebro goats cheese and maybe if your'e lucky it will be served with a glass of 'whatever is open'.....and there's just enough time to take a photo of 'my favourite cheese of the moment' in all its damp glory before it disappears.

8.30pm and the boys are in bed sleeping off their large tea and tired limbs...tomorrow is st patricks day so a holiday for us in dublin - this is somewhat confusing for all concerned to have a day off mid-week, Wednesday, but I will not complain.

I have just made a kind of muffin sludge with chocloate chunks and a bit of orange peel, all ready to throw into the oven for 20mins in the morning, so that maybe, maybe, I can have a peaceful cup of coffee on the terrace before the challenges of the day hit like a train.
I made some test ones which lasted about five minutes after the hairy one announces that he is glad that i am using the beast...the cheek of it .... this is used more than he will ever know....this is my heavy-weight fighter that no other will beat .... i will have this until I die and will bequeath it to my sons, or possible future daughter - doesnt it look mean!

ok back to the produce...batter and test mini-muffins....i call these mini-muffins as I can find no muffin cases....I suspect that they have been used in some day-time art activity.
I have chopped up a bar of rather nice chocolate for this rather than use chocolate chips...the small dark bitter rabbit dropping-like chocolate drop(ing)s sold in most major supermarkets are rancid, horrible and should not be ingested, no matter what the occasion.
Take mostly the heel of your best sharp and weighty knife and chop your own, diagonally and then diagonally again, et voila chocloate chunks.

Mix up the batter (this will make 12, double for 24!), consisting of:
150g plain flour
75g porridge oats,
200ml milk
2 tsp baking soda,
a pinch salt
175ml sunflower oil
150g brown sugar
one egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
peel of several oranges(maybe 2 large ones)
75g sultanas (optional but they are good)
75g chocolate bits

Combine the flour, porridge oats, sugar, baking soda, egg, milk, sugar and oil in 'the beast' or similar and mix slowly and rythmically for about fifteen minutes. You will have an unattractively thin and lumpy batter but this is the desired result. When you are satisfied that all ingrediants have been combined and are well mixed, fold/stir in slowly the chocolate and the orange peel.
(Ideally!) Put in muffin cases, leaving about 1cm from the rim for the morning glory.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until firm, golden brown and satisfied with themselves.
I am looking forward to coffee in the morning with one of these.....

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