Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a non-kitchen day

I can say that it does not happen very often that I do not have a day where I do not set foot into my kitchen.  Today was one of those days ... except that I think, in my sleepy haze, I made the boys their porridge this morning, but that doesn't really count!  Point being I did not cook a thing today.

It has been a little manic here at wheelerandcompany to say the least with a large number of things to be done in preparation for our departure, lunches with friends included.

So today, I had very close to the perfect burger at Dillinger's in Ranelagh.
A few points on the surroundings though.
A retro feel to the place was welcome but the decibel reading I am sure was way over what was comfortable.  This is a particular annoyance of mine - as an architect I know that it cannot be so entirely difficult to achieve but that a restaurant cannot get the acoustic balance correct ... I mean you come to a restaurant not exclusively for food, but to meet, converse and reacquaint yourself with people who you haven't seen in a while - talking being the most popular form of communication.  So why is this fundamental issue of acoustics so overlooked almost everywhere? 

Anyway I am not really grumbling about the place - it has this retro, New York bistro bustle about it which adds to its charm.
To make up for all the shouting I had to do, I had an almost perfect burger, which I can say completely shut me up! 
The char grilled stripes on the succulent, well-cooked, perfectly flavoured meat came with full garnish of lettuce, pickle, cheese, bacon and tomato all snuggled into a soft sesame bun.  This is giving Herb Street burger a good run for its money, although I still think that Herb Streets pips it at the post by a margin due to the fact that I can eat a Herb Street burger in my hands without sacrificing the bun.  It does take a slow twenty minutes to delicately manoeuvre the burger and bun into bite-position.  Dillinger's burger, if you like to be polite in company, does require a knife and fork.

Nevertheless, a very worthwhile burger and at 14.50, not bad considering I barely ate for the rest of the day!

By the looks of the menu they have a nice selection of vegetarian and seafood dishes.  It's on my list of places to explore further. 

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