Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exploring by bicycle

I am home after nearly 12 hours of exploring woodland by bicycle, carrying a 20kg child on the back and a 15kg picnic for lunch on the front ... right now I cannot feel my legs.  This is a good thing as there are sun burn wounds, bites of varying descriptions and at least one pedal scar, all of which need closer examination.
We set off this morning for Gatow, Kladow, Sacrow and beyond - a large finger of land to the west of the Havel.  We set off (uphill) along Heer Strasse which runs majestically west of Charlottenburg, taking in some architecture on the way - Le Corbusiers Unite d'habitation, near the Olympia Stadium. 

 Corbs 5th floor street didn't look so happening....

We then set off in search of woods and we were not disappointed.
There are two lakes, Gross-Gliniker See and Sacrower See just inside the Brandenburg border where we found the most beautiful woodland and lakes for swimming, picnicking, sunning and relaxing.

how can we leave these lovely woods?

The beauty about our journey was that it was a round trip, as we then took a 25 minute ferry ride from Kladow to Wannsee and took the S-Bahn home, so covering no ground that we had previously done in the morning.
The day was finished off by a well deserved, excellent Indian (the children's first!) in Masala on Friedburg Strasse, (I will do a proper critique of it the next time I am there).  I know there will be a next time as the four of us ate until we could eat no more and enjoyed every bit of it.

I cannot write any more as i am about to fall off the chair.
Goodnight until tomorrow.

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