Monday, June 14, 2010

fachwerk and smoked trout

Wheeler and Company have just arrived home after a nice, but chilly weekend in the countryside.  I am brimful of news and, due to a large number of insect bites, am very glad to get back to the city.

More easily than anticipated we glided out of the city on Saturday morning heading north to the small villages around Müritz, a lake in the Mecklenburg lake district in Northern Germany.
From the Slavic language meaning ' little sea', Müritz is a large lake part surrounded by a densely wooded National Park and clearly sailing and fishing are common local and tourist pass times.

The towns had a slightly out of season feel to them which I welcomed as they are small and compact - crowds and tour buses in the August heat would not be ideal.  The small hamlets of boat houses looked so beautiful and mystical, like villages which had flooded many years ago and then left forgotten in the water. The fachwerk on the traditional houses with their original timbers numbered to assist construction appealed greatly to the architects in the family. Then, dotted along the water edges are small smoke houses where the locally caught trout(forelle), eels(aal) and other fish, local to the region, are smoked for one and a half hours, and sold directly to the public, maybe with a beer, for a few hours each day.  Gastronomic heaven.

We ate (children also) smoked trout for lunch in a small smokery in Röbel owned by Gerald Meyl which was amazing, all you had to do was follow your nose through the narrow medieval streets to find the small smokehouse ...  they just opened the doors of the smoker when we arrived to reveal an oven full of golden trout and some rather sinister looking eels.  I don't think I need to say how delicious they tasted.

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