Sunday, July 11, 2010

A special trip to Leipzig zoo

With the temperatures here reaching 39 degrees at mid-day, the sun is a burning white ball in clear blue sky and as a result, the water in the lakes is now a warm 26 degrees.  It is impossible to keep cool and no-one has an appetite for food.  Fruit and fluids seem to be the only popular consumables with the odd eis thrown in for effect!  I have thus no recipe to post again.  It is sort of about food, albeit animal food. 

Rather unwisely in such heat, Wheeler and Company visited Leipzig zoo for a privileged guided tour of the new Gondwanaland project which is under construction and some animal patting and feeding to keep the younger members of our party happy...

Have you ever tickled a rhinoceros behind the ear of fed a giraffe?  I will leave you with a few photographs.

 the giraffes winter and summer menu

large scale food production, thousands of white mice for the birds and snakes

a very rare Asian turtle

a really nice wall from the East-German era

See you in a few days with a recipe, any special requests just email (sorry no white mice recipes!)

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