Monday, August 2, 2010

Auf wiedersehen Berlin

Right now I should be packing although I seem to be in complete denial of the fact that I will be back in Dublin tomorrow.  I have just spent a very enjoyable evening eating really good pizza with some really good company and quite frankly I do not want to go back.  But needs must and there is a busy time ahead in Dublin. 
I was looking back through some of my photos of my time here and will leave you with a few of my local Karl-August Platz market ...  every Wednesday and Saturday I was there, well almost every.  I think this post is as much for me as you, to remind me of my summer, I will miss its sounds, smells, the good cheese and all the friendly traders with whom I practiced my still-not-very-good German!
Auf wiedersehen Berlin ... at least for now.

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