Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Foodie Gifts for Christmas

I spent yesterday babysitting my puddings, adding a little more water as they steamed away slowly on the stove for 6 hours.  The house was filled with the most amazing smell!
As I mentioned on my previous post I used Skye Gryngell's recipe from her new book, How I Cook.  The recipe makes 2L of pudding mixture which I divided between 2 0.5L bowls and 1 1L bowl.  The two smaller ones will be given a presents and the larger one will grace our table on Christmas day - I was therefore allowed a nibble to test.  Delicious ... it was difficult wrapping it up!

Today I will be making preserved lemons.  I have only ever had these once a long time ago and have not found anywhere that sells them in Dublin.  So I have decided to make my own - these would also make a really nice present.

I will post the pudding and the preserved lemon recipes later this evening. I am off now on the hunt for some organic unwaxed lemons!


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