Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thyme Roast Squash with slow-cooked tomato and garlic

I never sleep during the day but today I just could not resist lying atop the sofa with the warm sun streaming through the glass.  It rarely happens that my resources are so replete that the notion of having a little mid-day nap would never occur to me.
It was my sons 5th birthday on Thursday and the Saturday party invitation extended to every boy in his class.  We entertained 19 boys for two hours yesterday afternoon - the perfect explanation for my weakened state.

Friday was taken up with making the birthday cake - you have to know that it has now become something of a family tradition to attempt something even more challenging and difficult than the previous year.  This year was, as requested by that birthday boy, an Indiana Jones themed birthday cake, complete with ravine and raging river torrent crossed by a bridge, spiders and vines.....madness but fun all the same.

Party preparations aside, the vegetable market got a visit on Saturday morning and again this afternoon in Dun Laoghaire so my baskets are now bursting with colourful goodies.

We roasted squash this evening, adding a little dot of butter and a spring of fresh thyme, after an hour they emerged sticky and melting sweet.  I served this with some roast cherry tomatoes with a few unpeeled garlic cloves thrown in for some extra sweetness.
Feet up, a comforting tea and the end to another long weekend.

Oh and I will show you the cake, the design of which we got from these talented gals.

Let's just say never again!

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