About Me

Wheeler and Company is written by me, Elizabeth Wheeler, an architect by formal training and a cook by breeding.  I write this blog mainly from Dublin, Ireland but also on occasion from Berlin, Germany and the beautiful valley of Glenariff in the Glens of Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

My passion is for feeding my family and friends and nothing beats the satisfaction of giving someone the gift of a good home cooked meal.  I take immediate delight in all things food related much to the amazement and amusement of my husband, who without me I suspect, would still be eating breakfast cereal for his dinner!

My little kitchen among the roof tops tries to produce seasonal, organic dishes for all the family without breaking the bank.  I source my vegetables locally, shopping at the local organic market and ever trying to stay out of large supermarkets.  I admit that most of my meat comes from my local butcher in Northern Ireland, D.Kearneys.  Not only is it more cost efficient (at least 25% cheaper than in Dublin) I have eaten their meat all my life and I am not one to break a good habit.

My blog is the result of friends and family phoning at every hour of the day and night looking for recipes and inspiration - it is my catalogue of dishes that I love to cook and eat and I know people like.

I learned to cook from my mother, a francophile, who believes strongly in the health benefits of good quality home-cooking and everything French.  My mother and father carted us all off to France during the summer holidays every year staying in remote gites ruraux, and ruraux they were!  We often found ourselves staying in small farming hamlets at least 30 minutes drive from any nearby civilisation.  A great experience none the less and during the times when money was a little more abundant, platters of fruits de mer were washed down with crisp muscadet in beautiful sea side ports.
I like all kinds of cheese, courgettes, cabbage, pizza from only two places so far, Da Vincenzo in Ranelagh ( it has been there for 24 years!!) and Cafe am Neuem See in Berlin's Tiergarten.  I make a lot of desserts and sweet things but rarely eat them as I do not have a sweet tooth, I just love how they look.  My big weakness are potato crisps, especially Prawn Cocktail and Worcester Sauce flavour!  There is nothing I will not try once.

Now at the risk of being long winded, here are a few frequently asked questions and my answers:

Who takes the photos on your blog?

I do, and I do not spend long hours preening the food and styling it before I do, otherwise it would be cold.  I have a speedy snap and eat philosophy, besides its rude to your fellow diners if you are holding up dinner on account of the blog.

Can I use on of your photos in my publication or site?

All my photos on this blog are protected by Copyright.  Please do not use the photos or text without my prior permission.

I would like to advertise on your blog, may I?

I do not run adverts on my blog, I think that they are brash and distracting to the reader.  Occasionally I will include a link to a product which I have used and recommend, but this is solely at my discretion and I do not do product reviews. 

Are you a professionally trained cook?

No, I am entirely self-taught, practically since I was able to stir a spoon.  I did however complete a 12 week bread making course in Kevin Street DIT a few years ago - I would highly recommend it for anyone with a free Wednesday evening.  I also have good knowledge of cheeses of all kinds as I worked Saturdays with Sheridans in their Baggot Street branch for a year which was amazing, although I spent all my wages on cheese.  The thing is, anyone can cook, it is not difficult and the results are instant.  Try it!

News, what's next?
I am currently working on a guide to Dublin, my favourite places for coffee, lunch, dinner, places to stay, what to do.  I am debating whether to start another blog or post them here on a separate page, decisions decisions.

How can I contact you?

I love all your emails, its great to get feedback and I love to help where I can so keep them coming.
You can email me at elizabeth(dot)r(dot)wheeler(at)gmail(dot)com, or you can leave a comment after any post.