My Kitchen

My kitchen is not big and its not full of fancy gadgets like quadrulpe ovens, ice machines, coffee makers, I don't even have a dish washer.  The most important part is that if you want to be able to cook anything, it is possible with the most basic objects.
I love making one pot casseroles and stews which bubble away in the background while I am doing important things like building a jigsaw with my three year old or sitting in the morning sun on my roof terrace drinking coffee.

My most prized possessions and the ones which I use most often and find most useful are my Le Creuset cast-iron items.
I have a large 28cm casserole and a smaller 20cm one.  The smaller one is more than adequate for two people for coq au vin, bolognese sauce, soups of all descriptions, and the larger of the two I use for feeding four adults, making chicken stock and larger quantities.

It takes a little while to get used to cooking with these as I find that they retain their heat very well and often I cook things at a lower temperature, like 170 degrees as opposed to 180 degrees.

My second most prized possesion is my Kitchen Aid. Its heavy, yes and a little cumbersome but the pure beauty of the mechanics and the simplicity of use appeals to me.  It has a balloon whisk for cream, a dough hook and a paddle for cakes.

A good set of sharp knives is essential to ensure that there are no cuts! I use a set of Wursthof and I love my Opinel 8 euro knife from France.

You do not need expensive gadgets, a few basics and you are all set.  I have old battered cake tins which I am so attached to that I cannot imagine life without them.  Wooden spoons that look like they have been through the wars - all these things make my kitchen the most familar place to me in the world.  I love it.